Life Course Discovery - Wake up to your life purpose
"I am the master of my fate,
                                   the captain of my soul."

     Discover how to live on purpose, in alignment with your own personal core values. 

     Free yourself from the illusion that life happens TO you. Discover the joy of knowing that life is happening FOR you!

     At LCD, we teach personal empowerment and alignment with one's own values. It is only by healing your heart that your mind can become clear and your spirit be made free to fly! 

Join us Friday, October 31st for the first annual LCD Halloween Bash!

     In our Discovery workshop, we open doors through the heart and into the mind, creating new ways of living and new understandings of being. Discover the true meaning of happiness! 

    After the workshop, you are invited to become a part of our community of continuing support, including opportunities for advanced workshops and weekly meetings.  

"Life Course Discovery was truly one of the most profound experiences of my life. My heart has healed in ways that I cannot describe with words. I feel as though a portal has been opened for me where I enter into that peace that passes all understanding. I will be forever grateful for the life altering experience of your wonderful workshop."
--Dr. H Kendall Scholes
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