About Us
Life Course Discovery is dedicated to helping people discover true happiness! Being happy is a result of living life in alignment with your Authentic Self. Our workshops are designed to help students put theory into practice and learn how to live in accordance with their core values.
By being authentic, we discover who we really are and experience the life we were created for. Together we explore how to overcome our programing or life conditioning. Our goal is for you to discover your life purpose, freeing yourself from the self-limiting beliefs that keep you from discovering who you truly are and being happy.
About the Course
Life Course Discovery is a three day experiential Interactive workshop. It is designed to bring out the real you. Here you learn to come out from behind the walls you built to protect yourself, which have become a prison, and gain the benefits of being your authentic self.

Some of the Topics
  • Embrace your values.  
  • Break free from the past. 
  • Fall in love with life.
  • Find balance within.
  • Be connected with others.
  • Heal your heart.
  • Free your mind.
Why should you attend?
The Spirit within you knows why you are here. Life Course Discovery honors your desire to connect with that purpose and helps you find it. Graduates of LCD come out inspired to take themselves on and to live with a new enthusiasm.

What will the day be like?
Come dressed casually and comfortably. We strongly encourage students to dress in layers as temperatures fluctuate in the meeting room.  A variety of activities involving the body, mind and Spirit will teach and inspire you.  The workshops begin Friday evening, followed by two full days Saturday and Sunday.
Friday: Registration 5:45pm - Seminar 6:00pm-10:30pm
Saturday: 10:00am- 7:30pm
Sunday: 10:00am -7:30pm

Time for breaks and lunch is included.  Lunch will be around 2:00pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Suggested nearby restaurant locations will be provided or bring your own.

For more info on all workshops please contact us via the form on the contact tab.

Is there more growth available?
Workshop 2: Breakthrough is available to take you to the next level on your journey of Self Discovery.  Please indicate you are interested in this advanced event and the date of your graduation from the LCD workshop in the comments section of the contact us area.
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